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NCDPI Reference Tables and NCDPI periodic table on one page
AP Chemistry reference pages ... Periodic table .... Standard reduction potentials .... Equations and constants
Polyatomic ion list... Anion table - a comprehensive table of elemental and polyatomic anions, plus acids.
Solubility rules page ... solubility rules from the web
Conversion factors and constants ... metric/metric and metric/English
Common names of chemicals .... more reference material from the same site
Chemicals of the week from the University of Wisconsin

Online Periodic Table .... Always in a tab on my browser
WebElements .... The other go-to periodic table online
Periodic Table Live! .... Lots of element data
JCE Chemistry Comes Alive .... Miscellaneous videos
Periodic Table of Videos .... From the University of Nottingham
Periodic table with images .... High resolution images of the elements
Periodic table in pictures .... The classic version from Theodore Gray
Periodic table database .... Mark Leach .... Hundreds of different periodic tables
Periodic table of electronegativities And one you can print out.
Periodic table of common oxidation numbers

Virtual Chemistry Textbook - Stephen Lower, Simon Fraser University
Introduction to Chemistry- Mark Bishop, Monterey Peninsula College
Chemistry tutorials from the University of Wisconsin

Free Microsoft Viewers: PowerPoint and Word
Free Adobe Reader for PDF files (Uncheck the McAfee box)

PHS Chemistry Moodle Login
Facebook Chemistry Group

Nick Kim Cartoons
Sidney Harris Cartoons

Excel spreadsheet: percent ionic character calculator