In this section we will be learning how to "speak chemistry".
With apologies to the normal alkanes: methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane, hexane, heptane, octane, nonane and decane.

Part 1 - Periodic properties
Mendeleev "discovered" the periodic law. He found that when the elements are arranged in order of increasing atomic weight that certain chemical properties repeated. One of these properties is the chemical formulas of simple salts and oxides. In this project we will examine how chemical formulas are periodic and "build" Mendeleev's periodic table.
Periodicity: Chemical formulas ... Alkali metals reacting with water video

Part 2 - Chemical formulas
Mendeleev found that the "combing power" - valence - of the elements is periodic. Today we use "oxidation number" in place of "valence" for predicting the formulas of chemical compounds.
Valence, oxidation number and more on oxidation numbers and chemical names
Formula writing ... More practice with writing formulas
Reference: oxidation number periodic table

Part 3 - Chemical nomenclature
Oxidation number is an important piece of the nomenclature puzzle.
Rules for assigning oxidation numbers and Determining oxidation number of an element in a compound
Chemical nomenclature Handouts and PowerPoints
The Stock system - binary compounds ... Stock system - binary compounds PowerPoint
The Stock system - ternary compounds... Stock system - ternary compounds PowerPoint
The Greek prefix sysgtem - two nonmetal ... Greek prefix system - two nonmetals PowerPoint
Naming acids ... Naming Acids PowerPoint
Nomenclature flowchart. Additional practice with chemical nomenclature
Nomenclature tutorials and games from the web:
... tutorial1, tutorial2, tutorial3, oxidation number Mahjong, game1, game2, ...
Teachers spend a lot of time catching mistakes. Try your hand at finding the errors in nomenclature
Reference: electronegativity periodic table ..... Polyatomic ion list
.... Anion table - a comprehensive table of elemental and polyatomic anions, plus acids.