The authors Brown and LeMay didn't call chemistry the "central science" for nothing. Chemistry is the heart, if not the soul, of all of the sciences. Without chemistry there would be no understanding of the universe in which we live, from the farthest galaxy to the nucleus of a cell.
*Theodore Brown and Eugene LeMay are the original authors of Chemistry, The Central Science.

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Part 1 - Matter and its properties
"Day One" Introduction to Chemistry Powerpoint, play The Elements Song by Tom Lehrer
"Day One" worksheet ... Introduction to chemistry questions
Concept map on matter, mixtures and pure substances
Weight vs mass page including "how spacecraft stay in orbit"
Evidence for the existence of ions

Part 2 - Chemistry is all about observing, thinking, and experimenting
Ira Remsen PowerPoint ... Ira Remsen quote and biography
... Seashore Lab - Separating mixtures based on differences in chemical and physical properties
... Fractional distillation - Separating mixtures based on differences in boiling point

Part 3 - The greatest resource for chemists is the periodic table
Periodic table project directions ... Get blank periodic table... Periodic table project study guide
Additional info on periodic people
Periodic table history page

Of course, while it is fun to listen to, the "Elements Song" has nothing to do with the periodic table, other than
both have the names of elements. Learning to sing the "Elements Song" may improve your self-worth, but it
won't help you learn anything about the periodic table or chemistry, other than how to pronounce the names
of the elements.

More renditions of the "Elements Song"

Daniel Radcliffe on The Graham Norton Show
Daniel Radcliffe sings Tom Lehrer

The Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan
A version of the original song